Radiant Cat of Good Fortune

Radiant Cat of Good Fortune
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The feline talisman known as the Radiant Cat of Great Fortune features a mighty and mystical creature that’s known to emit a spiritual glow as it literally beckons blessings to you with its raised paw, sending soothing vibrations out in all directions and enfolding its possessor in a cocoon of protection and ever-increasing wealth. The Radiant Cat of Great Fortune has legendary cosmic powers that are capable of changing your life, once and for all...financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This exquisite pendant has not one, but two Radiant Cats working for you, with one side expressly designed for Health and the other for Wealth. Then there are its all-knowing, all-seeing eyes made of genuine Swarovski Crystals. These mesmerizing eyes focus relentlessly on one thing...your splendid future.

Steeped in ten thousand unbroken years of history and folklore, this potent and powerful Asian charm will prove so valuable to you that you’ll be convinced that you must have it in your possession...as soon as possible. To bring you added luck and positive financial energy, the Radiant Cat of Great Fortune Pendant holds, on both sides, a very special gold coin known in Japan as he “Golden” Koban. One coin features the character for Longevity and the other features the character for Wealth. The coins contribute mightily to the unseen cosmic oscillations that radiate out from the cat in all directions. The Radiant Cat is always beckoning, forever attracting and constantly inviting fabulous good fortune to your doorstep. Your time of Great Fortune and Radiant Miracles has arrived...seize it now!

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