12 Lucky Buddha Precious Stone

12 Lucky Buddha Precious Stone
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We've all heard that if you rub the Buddha's belly you'll get good luck. But now you can have that luck magnified 12 times over when you rub all the Buddha bellies in this set of 12 Lucky Buddha Precious Stones. Add on top of that the special energy forces of the 12 precious stones used to create these delightful little Buddhas, and you've got one magnificent source of power to bring you riches. Included are Amethyst for psychic powers, Aventurine for confidence, Yellow Calcite for prosperity, Clear Crystal for self-esteem, Goldstone for strength, Hematite for grounding, New Jade for wisdom, Rose Quartz for harmony, Red Jasper for justice, Sodalite for intelligence, Tiger's Eye for optimism, and Unakite for blocking negative energy.

The set of 12 Lucky Buddha Precious Stones comes in it's own beautifully beautifully custom made lavender presentation case, lined in black satin and felt. The set comes complete with a delicate 20" Chain so you can wear your Precious Stone Buddhas to carry their luck and powers with you. It also comes with a sleek Bracelet, so that you can wear them from it. Who wouldn't want 12 times the luck of the Buddha and 12 times the powerful energies of the Precious Stones? Bring all of this magnified luck and powerful energy into your life today and reap its rewards and riches.

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Catalog # WA12BUDDHA