Chinese Money Necklace

Chinese Money Necklace
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The Chinese Money Necklace is truly a sight to behold and an absolute delight to wear. Also called the Zhao Zai Jin Pao Necklace, this striking work of art is adorned by 9 extremely rare coin talismans from the extraordinarily wealthy Ching dynasty. It's a well-known fact that coins from this majestic time contain powerful vibrations that can bring an immense surge of riches to those who have them in their possession and keep them close at hand.

This radiant piece is exquisitely made from .925 Sterling Silver and 8 magnificent genuine Swarovski crystals. Both these precious materials possess mystical properties as well, working as potent magnets for strength and confidence. The necklace also comes with 4 special Free Gifts. With the Chinese Money Necklace you'll be simply buzzing with potential for new beginnings and great financial rewards.


4 payments of $37.44/EACH
Catalog # WAMONN