Phaya Taoreuan

Phaya Taoreuan
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Combating the negative atmosphere and hard economic times that have surfaced recently is not always easy. But the Divine Cosmic Energy that is always available for your benefit, when combined with the ancient Phaya Taoreuan Amulet, can help you walk down the path to an endless source of wealth and happiness. Throughout history, the turtle has been revered as a fortunate animal because it always walks forward, never backward, and this is interpreted as a sign of prosperity, fertility and longevity.

The Phaya Taoreuan Amulet, strongly connected with the Buddha, has its origins in Thailand and has been treasured for centuries because it has the deserved reputation for dispelling bad luck and drawing in good fortune. Made of pure Sterling Silver overlaid with antiqued Rose Gold, the amulet gains extra power from the fact that wearing Gold has always been an outward sign of wealth. But more importantly, when you wear Gold you are sending out the message that you value yourself. Since like always attracts like, it holds true that if you look and feel wealthy, you'll attract wealth. Let this powerful amulet help you to walk forward on the path to permanent wealth.


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