Horn of Plenty

Horn of Plenty
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As powerful as it is attractive, the Horn of Plenty is a heavenly symbol of inexhaustible abundance, riches and plentitude. Also known as the "cornu copiae," it's closely associated with the realm of the angels -- in particular with the Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Abundance -- and with a Greek myth in which great financial rewards were brought to those who possessed it.

The Horn of Plenty Pendant, a superbly crafted talisman made of .925 silver and accented with 18k Gold will help you reconnect to your personal angel of wealth and claim the success and prosperity that you have always wished for but that has seemed to be just out of your reach. The pendant comes with 4 Free Gifts. You need this potent tool in order to call upon the Archangel Gabriel when you need him the most. The Horn of Plenty pendant has the potential to make your fondest dreams come true, but you need it in your possession for it to work for you.


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