Blessings of Archangel Michael

Blessings of Archangel Michael
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The Archangel Michael Medallion, crafted in 24k Gold and pure Sterling Silver, is actually an "Angelic Key," a tool that enables you to focus your spiritual energy to open portals to the Archangel Michael in order to receive his miracles. A secret angelic prayer is inscribed around the perimeter of the medallion and is written in Enochian, the language of angels. You will be sent an interpretation of this prayer.

The magical symbols emblazoned on the medallion that give it special powers of connection to Archangel Michael are: Michael's flaming swords (symbols of righteousness), the sun (representing his power to lead his believers into the eternal light of good fortune), ancient Keltoi Knot symbols (to trap powerful energies), and Gold "Ley" Lines (lines of power). The medallion also comes with 3 special Free Gifts. This medallion offers the best chance to receive 3 miracles from the Archangel Michael and turn your life around.


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