Waterfall of Cascading wealth

Waterfall of Cascading wealth
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The magical fountain called the Waterfall of Cascading Wealth features the dear little Guardian Angel of Sweet Dreams resting just above its cascading waterfall. Along with the Lucky Pennies you will receive to toss into your fountain, this Angel of Sweet Dreams will help make all your wishes come true. If you’ve ever made a wish and then thrown a coin into a fountain o make your wish come true (like all those people who travel thousands of miles to do just that at the Trevi Fountain in Rome that was made famous in the movie “Three Coins in the Fountain”) then this is definitely for you.

The tradition of tossing coins into a fountain goes back to ancient times in Rome, Greece and the British Isles. So it’s only fitting that the Waterfall of Cascading Wealth has been crafted to look like natural stone in a manner that evokes medieval architecture. The fountain is also lighted from within to lend an even more magical feeling to the piece, and the light changes color from ruby red, to cobalt blue, to emerald green. There’s delicate golden relief work highlighting the base of the fountain and the area above the waterfall. And the crowning glory of the piece is the Guardian Angel of Sweet Dreams who’s nestled on a ledge that rests just above the waterfall. The presence of the Guardian Angel of Sweet Dreams will only help to make your wishes and dreams come true.

4 payments of $14.95/EACH
Catalog # ANGLFALL