3 Mythical Forces

3 Mythical Forces
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The Cuff of 3 Mythical Forces, cast in pure .925 Sterling Silver with its 3 powerful medallions encased in pure Gold, holds the secret to transforming you into one of the super rich among us. It's not only a stunning piece of jewelry, but it is also steeped in power that has built up over thousands of years that can help you to obtain the ultimate success in life.

The Cuff's 3 medallions feature the Dragon, symbol of power and success, the Phoenix, representing rebirth and resurrection and the Turtle, symbol of protection. These 3 powerful creatures in Chinese mythology are working together here to transform you into one of the most successful individuals on the planet. It also comes with 3 very special Free Gifts. The Cuff of 3 Mythical Forces is waiting to unleash its special powers and count you among the super rich.


4 payments of $49.94/EACH
Catalog # PM3CUF