Angel Prayers for Your Every Wish Book

Angel Prayers for Your Every Wish Book
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For every desire you have, there is an Angel whose sole purpose is to fulfill that desire. For every difficult decision you face, there is a special angel who holds the answer. For every problem, whether with love, family, or work, there is an Angel who can fix it. In fact, there is a celestial host of Angels watching over you right now...each with a special miracle to support and guide you through every life situation. And the way for you to contact them in order to begin receiving their miracles can be found in a unique collection of 20 miraculous prayers that the angels will hear — and answer.

This incredible and powerful sourcebook is entitled “Angel Prayers for Your Every Wish.” It’s your earthly link to the host of celestial beings. Whenever you have a problem to solve, a wish to fulfill, or a difficult decision to make, just open up “Angel Prayers for Your Every Wish” and you’ll quickly find the special prayer that enables you to call upon the Angel whose help you need. It’s like having a yellow pages of spiritual help at your side, a precious little “directory” of 70 angelic prayers that puts a legion of angels at your beck and call!

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