Bagua Medallion

Bagua Medallion
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Forged in solid brass and encased in 24k gold, the Bagua Medallion is far more than just an exquisite piece of jewelry. It has the power to enrich and enhance every area of your life. Each of the trigrams' broken lines (Yin) represents matter and each unbroken line (Yang) represents energy. This collection of ancient symbols is able to attract and transmit specific energies and information that surrounds us.

There are nine symbols on the Bagua Medallion: the eight trigrams around the perimeter and one in the center (the Yin Yang symbol). These correspond to the nine major areas of your life that the Bagua Medallion can improve: well-being, reputation, wealth, family, skills, business, travel, career, relationships. And the back of the medallion carries a four character Taoist blessing, "Chu-Zu-Ping-An," which means "may the bearer of this Medallion be safe." Become the master of your universe and in total control of all aspects of your life with the Bagua Medallion.


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