Golden Carp Bracelet of Abundance

Golden Carp Bracelet of Abundance
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6 pairs of golden fish surrounding 6 potent Chinese characters, each unique and powerful, form the basis of the amazingly auspicious Golden Carp Bracelet with its incredible talismanic powers that will bring you a life of abundance. Beautifully crafted in pure Sterling Silver that’s then been encased in gleaming 18-karat Gold, these magical fish are one of the 8 auspicious signs of Buddha and represent the Buddha’s eyes, thus symbolizing wisdom. These amazing fish are so strong that they can swim upstream against the current. They embrace the spirit of perseverance, courage, and determination. In China, they have also become emblematic of wealth. It makes perfect sense since the Chinese word for fish, ‘Yu’, is also he same word for abundance.

It’s your time now to overcome all your difficulties and make all your dreams come true. Don’t worry about failing. Just go for what you want and the golden carp will take care of the rest! In order for you to achieve wonderful and amazing things, you must seek out a unique path for yourself. But you must also pay heed to symbols and mystical forces that appear before you like signposts. There are 6 such symbols on the Golden Carp Bracelet in the form of Chinese characters. They stand for Health, Love, Longevity, Success, Happiness, and Wealth, and when you wear the Golden carp Bracelet you will be attracting these extraordinary attributes into your life. Now these 6 Golden Carp and the 6 auspicious symbols will give you 6 essential opportunities for a golden life, dramatically improving every area. Life is too short not to make the most of every drop of it.

4 payments of $31.24/EACH