Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet

Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet
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"I just wanted to update you that I have received everything you sent me. I had no job for about 3 weeks and when I got the Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet, everything changed. Suddenly, I had 2 jobs on hand!" – Ajay D., Colorado

Does the above testimonial make you wonder what your own testimonial might be when you bring the Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune into your life? This amazing bracelet, exquisitely crafted of 14k Gold over pure sterling Silver brings the mystical secrets of Ancient Egypt and the wealth of thousands of years of wisdom that will flood your precious life with golden financial success. With your own magical golden hieroglyphic formula, powerful enough to lift any curse, the tides of your financial luck will come flooding in, and carry you on a golden wave of everlasting fortune.

The bracelet features 4 cartouches, or encircled hieroglyphics. Designed with the most powerful hieroglyphic symbols standing for Wealth, Happiness, Success, and Health, meant to protect and liberate these 4 most precious areas of your life. Each of these powerful cartouches will encircle your life in a patina of success and change the tides of your wealth. It will be as if you stepped out of a fog as you gain perspective on your financial situation. It will be immediately apparent what decisions you should make, and how and when to make them. You’ll go about tackling debt, not in a stressed and anxious way, but clearly and calmly. And then you’ll begin to attract an amazing amount of positive energy.

4 payments of $37.44/EACH
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