Lady Dragonfly

Lady Dragonfly
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Japan was once known as ‘Akitsushima’ or ‘Land of the Dragonflies’ and it’s such an inspiring symbol of wealth and power that the dragonfly is still Japan’s national emblem. The Dragonfly represents renewal after great hardship. There’s no better illustration of powerful regeneration than Japan’s transformation from defeat and destruction of World War II to the prosperous, secure and peaceful nation of today. So great was the belief that the dragonfly had the power to bring success and prosperity that the mighty Samurai warriors decorated their armor with images of the dragonfly. Even today, Japan’s farmers believe that an abundance of Dragonflies in their rice fields means that they can expect an equally abundant harvest.

Inviting lucky Lady Dragonfly into your life can help you banish that nagging feeling that life is passing you by. Lady Dragonfly’s influence means you can easily catch up with your peers and then speed past them with the flash and glitter of a Dragonfly’s wings. Carry the dragonfly symbol of luck and success with you everywhere you go with the Lady Dragonfly Pendant. It’s a stylish blend of Art Nouveau and Modern design. This exquisite pendant has been designed from precious sterling Silver that’s been encased in pure Gold. It’s then been highlighted with vivid shades of blue enamel. Don’t miss out on your chance to wear this magical pendant in order to embrace and accept the blessings that the universe wants to bestow on you.

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