Necklace of Isis

Necklace of Isis
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Have you ever wondered why there are a ‘select few’ who have it all, including wealth, beauty and power? It’s as if they were born to inherit these amazing gifts, but why? These chosen few appear to have drawn on some incredible force that regardless of their beginnings, propelled them to stardom. The secret to great success does actually exist. Some call it the ‘Seat of Isis,’ a special place within them full of enduring power and strength. To inherit the power of this most powerful goddess, Isis, is to get in touch with the unique and creative in you. According to ancient legend, the Moon Goddess, Isis, brings great courage, power, and material success to her believers. Isis is the gateway to your soul and to the magical mysteries of the moon. She is like a veil lifted, bringing light to the eternal secrets and mysteries of your lie and destiny.

The unique and rare Necklace of Isis has been painstakingly handcrafted using vibrant precious stones including Red Carnelian, Green Malachite, and Blue Turquoise. It’s also been dipped in genuine Gold to enhance its powers even more. Red carnelian brings creativity and enhances ambition and success. Green Malachite helps to nurture change and spiritual growth. It’s known as the stone of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance. And Blue Turquoise is valued as a protective gemstone, symbolizing strength and power. It enhances creative expression, peace of mind, communication, friendship, and loyalty. Turquoise, coupled with the power of Isis will bring the wearer incredible fortune, making all things seem possible and with in reach. Hold the stunning image of Isis on your necklace and communicate your desires and thoughts as you focus on your goals. Invoke the spirit of Isis and become the extraordinary individual you were born to be.

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