The Angel Cameo Bracelet

The Angel Cameo Bracelet
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The Angel Cameo Bracelet is made up of 7 exquisite Angel images, each one designed to put you in touch with the Angel you need to help you for a specific purpose. When you call on the Angels, they’ll always willingly come to your aid, but this is sometimes easy to forget. Wearing this beautiful piece will remind you of your connection to the Angels every time you glace at your wrist. The 7 sacred cameos in this antique gold-tone bracelet are images of Angels who preside over their own domain. And it’s no accident that there are 7 of them because the number 7 is, and has been for centuries in most religions and cultures, an auspicious and sacred number.

Here’s all you need to do: Ask Michael, the Angel of Protection, to keep you safe when you fear for yourself or your loved ones. Petition Raphael, Angel of Wealth, when you visit the casino, play your lottery numbers, or simply want to increase your prosperity. When you feel a bit down or depressed, call upon Zadkiel, Angel of Happiness, to lift your spirits and bring joy back into your life. A difficult choice will be transformed into a magnificent opportunity for growth when you connect with Jophiel, Angel of Wisdom. When you feel your determination to reach your goals slipping away from you, invoke Uriel, Angel of Success, to regenerate your enthusiasm and direction. Connecting with Gabriel, Angel of Good Luck, will help to make the most of every opportunity to enrich and improve your life. Calling to Chamuel, Angel of Love, ensures that you are able to give and receive love unconditionally.

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