Watch of Power

Watch of Power
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This remarkable, limited edition timepiece could quite literally change your life! Emblazoned with 6 ancient, secret letters, The Watch of Power is renowned for its remarkable ability to attract positive energy so you can actually grow wealthier with every tick of every hour, minute, and second. Exquisitely crafted of .925 solid Sterling Silver that weighs a hefty 66.25 grams, this legendary and completely adjustable watch contains rhodium, a rare, silvery-white precious metal and has precision movements that keep perfect time.

With its gleaming stainless steel case, surrounded by 20 cubic zirconia stones and a gorgeous black enamel face with white Roman numerals, it's truly something you'll treasure forever, not only for its sheer beauty, but also for the special powers its 6 ancient letters possess. And it comes with 2 Free Gifts. The time for you to wear this powerful watch is now.


4 payments of $74.99/EACH
Catalog # PMWOP