Bracelets & Cuffs

Golden Carp Bracelet of Abundance
The Golden carp bracelet is amazingly auspicious and is infused with incredible talismanic powers that will bring you golden opportunities in very area of your life. Catalog # LUCKYCARP
4 payments of $31.24/EACH

Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet
At last, your ship is coming in with the help of the Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet! Catalog # PMCARTBR
4 payments of $37.44/EACH

Bracelet of Prosperity
This unique bracelet will charm the divine powers of the universe in order to turn fortune to your advantage. Catalog # PROSPERITY
4 payments of $4.99/EACH

Seven Sacred Boxes of Destiny
Seven magical boxes, each with a unique power, can bring opportunities for wealth, security and happiness. Catalog # WABOXBRAC
4 payments of $14.24/EACH

Sacred Scarab Bracelet
The Sacred Scarab holds the secret to 4,000 years of Good Luck Energy that brings with it riches beyond compare. Catalog # WASCABB
4 payments of $24.99/EACH