Ritual to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

I want to give you a special ritual for the Autumnal Equinox on September 23. In olden times, this day was important because it represented the time of harvest as well as the moment of waning light. This was a sacred period as the success of the harvest directly affected how societies would fare during the barren winter months.

Furthermore, the shortening of the days was considered to be a time of turning inward while Mother Nature entered her dormant phase. I like to perform a ritual to celebrate the Equinox because it gives me a connection to those who lived long ago, as well as reminds me of changing rhythms of the world.

In order to perform this ritual, you will need a candle, some seeds (flower, fruit or vegetable seeds) and a bowl of fruit and/or vegetables. You can choose any kind of fruit or vegetable that you wish. I like to use those which are in season such as apples, pears, corn, squash and pumpkins. Find a space in your home where you can place these objects and make them as attractive as possible.

This ritual should be performed after the Sun has gone down on the 23rd, when you have some time to yourself. You could also ask other members of your household or friends to participate if you like. However, if they do, make sure that they contribute in some way with the seeds, fruit and/or vegetables.

When you are ready, light your candle. The candle symbolizes your inner light and the light you depend on this time of year when the sunlight is diminished. Sit quietly for a few moments thinking about this yearly transition between the fertile months of the Spring and Summer and the barren ones of Fall and Winter.

Next, look at the fruit or vegetables. Take them into your hands if you wish. Think of them as this year's harvest. They symbolize all that has come into your life this past year. Give yourself some time to consider what this year produced for you and how you feel about it. Think about the good things as well as the lessons you have learned from the more difficult things. Give thanks for what the past year has brought you.

Finally, take the seeds into your hands. The seeds represent the blossoms and fruits of the coming year. Think-about what you would like to bring into your life in the year to come. Although the Fall and Winter are considered to be barren months, this is actually the time when the very first stirrings of growth occur. Try to visualize these dreams and aspirations while holding the seeds in your hands. When you are ready, return them to their original place.

Continue to sit quietly. If there are others present, this is a good time to join hands. Think about this magical moment with your harvest behind you and the promise of future harvests to come.

The amazing thing about this ritual is that it stays with you for a long time, in ways you may not even realize. It is important to give thanks and recognition for what has occurred because it keeps you open to receiving more goodness and abundance in your life. This lays fertile soil for what you would like to bring to fruition in the coming year. Perhaps at this moment, it is only thoughts and ideas in your head. Perhaps you will use this time to research what you are interested in. In any case, this time of contemplation is an important beginning stage for the dreams you are going to realize.


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