Benedictine Bracelet of Benefits and Protection

$ 99.80

The Benedictine Bracelet of Benefits and Protection, with a gold pull-clasp and diamond-colored gemstones, named after Saint Benedict, the Christian Patron Saint best known for warding off evil from jealous self-seekers, drives away bad energies, attracts positive energy and protects against disease while also maintaining good health. This is exactly what we ALL need. Although designed with this Christian saint in mind, the Benedictine Bracelet of Benefits and Protection doesn't discriminate — Its singular purpose is to offer you care and guardianship. The center piece, the largest oval, is a portrait of Saint Benedict himself, his image aglow with delicate, diamond bright white gemstones. The two identical outer gold ovals feature images of the cross. The acronyms written in Latin reveal prayers that can be communicated to Benedict.

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