Golden Goddess Gaia's Talisman of Invincible Abundance

$ 99.80

The FRONT of the Golden Goddess Gaia's Talisman of Invincible Abundance bears the face of the Goddess Gaia — Spirit of Eden and Earth. Gaia is a peculiar entity, neither Angel nor Terrestrial, but rather the "soul" assigned to the Earth itself! Yes, our planet has a soul all its own! The being, usually represented by a woman with a Gold Chalice, is the source of all Earthly abundance. Life springs from her, but also jewels and gold, which are forged in the hot depths of her heart. The BACK of the talisman bears the Six Sacred Symbols that open a culminating portal of divine energy. When the planets Jupiter and Venus align with the constellations of Taurus, Pisces, and Sagittarius during certain moon phases, there's a future of limitless abundance, riches, and possibilities that opens its door to you! These six symbols are what appeared to me, as our first clue.

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