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Celtic Stacks of Blessings

Celtic Stacks of Blessings

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The Blessed Celtic Shamrock Stack

Gold-tone bracelet with delicate clasp featuring a hand-painted green lucky shamrock at its center.


The Shamrock is the national flower of Ireland, but thousands of years ago, to the ancient Celts, its heart–shaped leaves represented the triad of Faith, Hope and Love. They believed that everything necessary in life came in threes. Like the three ages of man, the moon phases and the three dominions of earth, sky and sea. Wearing this bracelet with this symbol (also deeply associated with the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick) you'll be 3x blessed (and protected) in every area of your life.

The Blessed Claddagh Stack

Gold-tone bracelet with the Claddagh symbol centered on a delicate gold plate, with two additional shamrocks, decorated with green and crystal gemstones. Features a delicate clasp closure.

The Claddagh is a widely known symbol of union and loyalty. The Hands, Heart and Crown each represent their own meaning. The Heart is the central feature, representing Love. The Crown is the symbol of Loyalty, and the Hands that come together to hold the Heart and the Crown represent friendship. What this bracelet represents is entirely singular to its wearer; it can be a cohesive symbol for affection and commitment to a relationship (either platonic or romantic) or something far more personal...


5 Blessed Agate Stones of Balance

A gold-tone bracelet with 5 delicate oval-shaped green agate stones at its center; with a clasp closure.
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