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6 Secrets of the Pharoahs Bracelet

6 Secrets of the Pharoahs Bracelet

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This powerful talisman, the Egyptian 6 Secrets of the Pharoahs Bracelet, will positively change your destiny. It features the most prominent and prized symbols of Ancient Egypt that are 6 of the most revered talismans of that time. They’re enchanting, worshipped, and adored amulets that have endured for over 4,000 years. These authentic and masterfully crafted charms replicate the art found in museums the world over. And in between them are 7 spectacular gemstones of Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Carnelian that give the bracelet their own positive energies. This powerful bracelet allows you to tap into the kind of extraordinary luck that has flourished for centuries as well as being endowed with its own historical magnetism and wonder.

Now let me tell you about the 6 Secrets of the Pharoahs:
The King Tut: First there’s the famous mask of the mummy of Tutankhamen the boy king. More than a King, he was looked upon as a God, the son of Re, the sun God. It was believed that with him looking out for you, your luck could be boundless.
The Scarab: One of the most powerful symbols of Ancient Egypt, the scarab represents the Sacred Beetle. This will bring a new lightness into your life with regard to fortune and joy.
The Sacred Bast: In Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped, sacred to the goddess of love, Bast. This symbol can bring a groundswell of unexpected love into your life.
Ramses the Great: this important symbol represents one of the most powerful Pharoahs and signifies everlasting life and longevity. With this majestic talisman, you can be protected.
The Eye of Horus: Symbolic of royal power and great importance, this was one of the most protective talismans, representing the all-seeing eye of the divine power, guarding and watching over all and clarifying and illuminating the path to wealth.
The Kneeling Priestess with Lotus flower: The Lotus Flower symbolizes mystic transformation. With this symbol, wishes can open up for you.

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