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Blessing Keeper

Blessing Keeper

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The Angelic Magic that created the Book of Kells combined with 3 powerful symbols infuse this Amulet known as a Blessed Keeper with superpowers to bring advantages and opportunities to you. This Amulet is based on Blessed Keepers of the ancient Celts who were considered one of the most remarkable, powerful and magical people ever to walk the earth. These were the people who created the Book of Kells, with such decorations and illustrations so intricate and complex, that it's believed the Angels directed and helped to create it.

This Blessed Keeper is a full 1 1/16" square of pure Sterling Silver that's 1/8" thick. It features on its outer edges the 4 elements of power: Earth, Water, Air and Fire to infuse it with special energies. At its center are symbols created thousands of years ago - entwined spirals surrounded by an interlocking knot pattern - the powerful symbols of Luck, Growth and Success. Let the amazing Blessed Keeper Amulet bring you the riches and happiness you seek.

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