Celtic Home Protector

$ 24.95

With the world in the midst of a period of instability and the signs of the stars suggesting a time of unrest and uncertainty, it's no wonder so many of us have a nagging feeling that our luck is getting worse and that we need extra protection. You can at last rest easily with the Celtic Home Protector featuring a Lucky Horseshoe with 4-Leaf Clover. The front door of your home isn't just an entranceway. Waves of good luck and bad luck constantly come to your door.

So it's vital to have this Celtic Home Protector affixed to your front door to protect your home, family and belongings 24 hours, 7 days a week. The most powerful magicians and priests have always known that if you bless the main door to your home, and use a mighty protective symbol, no harm will come to you. With the strength of not just one but two lucky symbols, the Horseshoe and the 4-Leaf Clover, your luck and protection will be doubled. Get the protection and luck the Celtic Home Protector can provide today.

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