Diamond Vortex of Wealth

$ 119.80

Gold Encrusted With Diamonds and Mother of Pearl

Life is in continuous motion, even though it doesn't always feel like it. Once you start seeing your life as perpetual motion, it will be easier to imagine change. With the Diamond Vortex of Wealth's help, you can move towards success at a faster rate than if you didn't have it. Why is this? Because it is like the eye of a tornado: the calm, which could be your mind and purpose against the unpredictability and adversity of life, which is the actual tornado. There's an abundance of energy in the universe and with the Diamond Vortex of Wealth you can harness this energy and put it all to work for you. It will both center and energize you.

Designed With Geometric Precision and Stunning Beauty

These crystal diamonds of the highest quality lie on gold. To the untrained eye, they're indistinguishable from real diamonds and also contain more "fire," that is, flashes of color. They're held in high esteem because they match the characteristics of diamonds more closely than any other gemstone.

These crystal diamonds promote the connection between intellectual wealth and intuition. Helping to cut through confusion, your way becomes "crystal clear." Finally, these brilliant stones are a symbol of purity — perhaps the purity of thought and spirit we associate with "clean success."

Mother of Pearl: Wealth and Protection

In this piece, both clear and garnet-colored gemstones are used to draw your eye to the gleaming Mother of Pearl centerpiece. Mother of Pearl is the heart of this talisman. In Chinese culture, Mother of Pearl symbolizes money and wealth and was often given as a gift to a friend or loved one to bring them good luck.

Along with prosperity, Mother of Pearl is also thought to stimulate intuition, increase clarity of thought and, therefore, greatly assist in decision-making. It represents innocence and integrity and some even think that it has protective qualities as it is thought to stimulate the release and dissolution of negativity.