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Golden Clover Key of Luck

Golden Clover Key of Luck

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Keys have been since ancient times symbolic of having the power to open and close. The opening power allows entrance and access, while the closing power provides safety and security. This magical Golden Clover Key of Luck will open the door to luck, inviting in success and abundance for you. This dazzling 14k Gold-encased key hanging from its shimmering gold chain makes the most exceptional accessory for gatherings. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

And here’s why you’ll be the talk of all you meet. Wearing the Golden Clover Cross of Luck, you’ll be displaying one of the most revered symbols of the Irish, the 4-leaf clover. A golden 4-leaf clover forms the crown of this extraordinary key. And you’ll also be displaying the ‘Green’ because 5 sparkling, emerald green crystals highlight the golden clover, giving it added elegance. Request your Golden Clover Key of Luck and start on the right foot as you open new doors.

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