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Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet

Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet

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This amazing bracelet brings you the mystical secrets of Ancient Egypt and the wisdom of Kings, to flood your life with golden success.

In ancient Egypt, it was a given that you protected yourself from curses. The Kings of Egypt were not only forced to protect their wealth and kingdoms, but even their lives as they fought off warring factions.

From King Tut to Cleopatra, they wrote their names in hieroglyphics encircled in a Sheni or Cartouche. It was their most precious tool of luck and protection, and the forces contained in these golden glyphs were incredibly powerful.

The Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet is your own magical golden hieroglyphic formula, calling upon the powers bestowed upon it by Ancient Egyptians Kings.

And to help you make the most of your Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet, you will find these 3 Free Gifts included in your packaged:  

A majestic, gold-toned pyramid pendant. In Ancient Egypt, the pyramid’s perfect geometrical shape was widely revered as a source of power and regeneration.

To protect your Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet when not being worn, you'll receive this elegant satin black and gold pouch.

And, so that you can understand all there is to know about your bracelet, you will find included, a fascinating history of the Ancient Egyptian myths and legends of your bracelet’s hieroglyphics.

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