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Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Watch

Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Watch

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This stunning Golden Glymphs of Good Fortune Watch phas been designed and crafted using rich Sterling Silver that's encased in 14K Gold Vermeil. The bracelet of this magnificent talisman is comprised of hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt that have been grouped into four cartouches representing Health, Wealth, Success, and Happiness. With these ancient and powerful symbols in your possession, you have the ability to channel your goals and become the success you were destined to be.

It's not by accident that the magical hieroglyphs used to create the four powerful cartouches on this extraordinary watch have been chosen. They've been copied from art that's housed in renowned museums around the world. They represent symbols that had great power in Ancient Egypt. Wearing this talisman will be a constant reminder of the continuity of centuries of art and mystical symbolism that continues to have power today.

The hieroglyphs used here represent goals, dreams, hopes, and wishes and they'll have a great deal of power to transform your life if you believe, through the power of positive thinking, that they actually can make your goals, dreams, hopes and wishes come true.

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