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Crescent Moon Bangle Bracelet

Crescent Moon Bangle Bracelet

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This beautifully crafted, precious, Crescent Moon Bangle is comprised of five moon shaped discs inlay in a Sterling Silver framework. The Mother of Pearl disc at the center of the piece represents the New Moon. Beside it, Onyx and Mother of Pearl are combined to symbolize the Waxing Moon and the Waning Moon. The end settings represent the First and Last Quarter Moons.

Mother of Pearl, or 'Nacre,' is the mineral lining of shells, including those in which Pearls form, hence 'Mother' of Pearl. It's especially associated with the Moon because of its reflective and iridescent appearance, reminiscent of Moonlight. 

The word "month" is derived from 'Moon' and there are in fact, not 12, but 13 Lunar months in a year. Each month can be divided into 4 distinct Lunar phases and these are depicted in the Mother of Pearl and Onyx on your Moon Bracelet. Each Lunar phase has different qualities and properties, which can be used to your advantage, e you know how to tap into the prevailing energy.

First Quarter Moon:
Sow your seeds
Listen to your intuition
Note down your dreams
Waxing Moon:
Focus on your goals
Refine your desires
Tune in to the Moon energy
Full Moon, the stunning Mother of Pearl centerpiece:
High energy time
Make your important calls and moves
Network and hit the casino or purchase your lottery ticket
Waning Moon:
Sit back and enjoy your good fortune
Be generous with your abundance
Observe which of your projects has reached fruition
Last Quarter Moon:
Rest and reflect
Refine current objectives
Visualize wealth and prosperity in your life

The beauty of this Crescent Moon Bangle Bracelet is that it will remind you to tune in anew to this amazing Lunar energy every month. You can attract more of what you want whenever you want to but the sooner you begin to do this, the faster you will start to enjoy a richer, happier, and more successful life. Order your Crescent Moon Bangle Bracelet now.

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