New Jade Accessories of Luck and Abundance

$ 39.95

Now you can surround yourself with three times the power and positive energy that the precious stone called New Jade possesses to attract luck and abundance. And not only that, but you will be absolutely stunning while doing it. When you place the necklace around your neck, the bracelet on your wrist and the ring on your finger with the pieces that make up the New Jade Accessories of Luck jewelry set, you’ll not only be making a glamorous statement, but you’ll be attracting great good luck and abundance.

These beautifully designed jewelry accessories have been meticulously designed and crafted using genuine New Jade one-of-a-kind chips, which means none of the New Jade Accessories of Luck are ever exactly alike. Your friends will all be so impressed with their beauty and uniqueness. But you are going to be even more impressed with their energy and power to draw good luck and abundance into your life, making it the life of your dreams!

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