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Power of the Tiger Talisman

Power of the Tiger Talisman

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The Power of the Tiger Talisman is striking and splendidly crafted in gold-plating layered over pure Sterling Silver. A precious metal, Sterling Silver is endowed with a host of healing and wealth-attracting properties and is known as the Moon's Metal. During the times of a New Moon, this pendant's metaphysical powers will be intensified and magnified.

This strong and distinguished animal stands atop a Golden Crescent, with its jaws and claws ready to hunt prosperity for you. Inscribed onto the coin it holds are 4 Ancient Chinese characters that translate to a phrase of abundant power: "Will Come Blissful Prosperity."

Once you have this invaluble talsiman in your possession, you'll gain confidence as you feel the support of the Supreme Creature, the Tiger. Your renewed, attractive energy and energetic personality will miraculously shine through in the eyes of someone you know. Wearing this piece will garner more and more compliments and admiration, and you'll be the recipient of someone developing strong emotional feelings for you.

Thanks to this Supreme Creature, you'll be able to avoid the pitfalls that life throws your way, and your current situation will take a huge turnaround. Everything that could've played against you will suddenly do an about-face and turn to your advantage, like a stream of absolutely incredible luck showering over you. You'll ultimately attract waves of positive energy and unexpected lucky bouts will soon follow.

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