Precious Guardian Angel Melchizedek Medallion

$ 99.80

The Angel Melchizedek allows the traveler to traverse all the areas they wish to go without encumbrance and ensures the smooth progress of expeditions. Melchizedek also ensures health and well-being. He dominates water, land, and all forms of vegetation, and increases resistance and boosts fitness. Melchizedek will help to maintain your good health. He watches over and protects you so that nothing negative can sully your existence. Melchizedek promotes acquisitions, knowledge, and helps you develop an intuitive mind.

From then on, you'll know when and how to advance on the path to Success — "Your Success." Melchizedek is also invoked to obtain the grace and mercy of the Superior World. He symbolizes the Confidential and Personal Protection granted to the elect of the Divine World.

Melchizedek helps you stay on the right path and brings out Wisdom. He is known for: Beneficent Knowledge, Useful Science, Initiation and an Exemplary Instruction. He watches over the progress of things and maintains life on the path of success and victory. Melchizedek is an Angel of Protection and Excellence. Melchizedek also brings Revelation during sleep. He helps you to create a vacuum in your mind, to keep only the essentials and discard the negative.

Through the Angel Melchizedek, you will find the unexpected solutions
you'll need to get a definitive look at some of the problems that
concern you most, especially in regard to financial matters.

He remains the guarantor of tranquility. Thanks to his protection, you'll advance serenely along the path of life. You will finally know Happiness! Please know that Melchizedek watches over you and protects you, Zoey. Marla managed to get in touch with him. I'll be glad to make you a memorable statement of this question-and-answer scenario.

According to Melchizedek, expect to experience some problems and have to overcome some obstacles, some that you expected and some that will take you by surprise. This month you will struggle to start under extremely unfavorable conditions, but it will be your only chance!