Precious Petals of Blooming Wealth and Eternal Good Fortune

$ 119.80

Precious Petals of Blooming Wealth and Eternal Good Fortune Bracelet

Apart from being eye-catching and absolutely outstanding, your delicate, luxurious gold and silver charm bracelet depicts the enchanting blooms of the Moon Goddess's gorgeous flower crown.  Every time you move your wrist, you'll hear a soft jingle and feel a caring presence emanating from it. It'll complement any outfit and be a conversation piece at every event you attend, once things get back to normal.

Allow me to fill you in on how each flower will bring you one step closer to the blessings the Universe wishes to give you.

The Resilient Plum Blossom Flower — For wellness and strength

Known to bloom even through the roughest of weather conditions, this captivating, fragrant and cheerful flower is known for its endurance and unbending spirit. It's considered a symbol of long-lasting success through adversity...

The Lush Ornamental Peony Flower — For unexpected gains and togetherness

Considered the "Queen of the Flowers," the Peony will be instrumental in attracting good fortune in matters relating to material gains. It's many luscious layers are known to represent and bring out the best qualities of your alluring personality! Peonies are a symbol of happy and successful relationships or friendships.

The Serene, Pure and Dainty Lotus — For destroying negativity and erasing anxiety

The Lotus is a symbol of perfection, purity, positive growth and new life. It emerges from the muddiest of waters, representing the cycle of life of all living things who like Lotuses emerge from humble beginnings and work their way up towards their true potential.

The Stimulating and Playful Chrysanthemums — For good luck and prosperity

Known as the "Queen of Fall," Chrysanthemums are a symbol of optimism and celebration that enable a happy and contented retirement.

The Grand Yellow Narcissus (Daffodils) — For a steady flow of money

Daffodils are a symbol of money; they symbolize the transition to a higher financial position.


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