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Precious Stones of the Sister Moon

Precious Stones of the Sister Moon

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The Four Phases of the Precious Stones of the Sister Moon

The Lunar month is divided into 4 distinct phases of approximately 7 1/2 days each — or four 'Quarters.' Each one is steeped in power and energy, all of them subtly different but all with great potential to enrich your life.

The New Moon

White Howlite is believed to help you order your thoughts so that you can focus on and prioritize your objectives. Clearing your mind of all but the essentials, this is the gemstone for the New Moon.
The Waxing Moon

Turquoise protects against exhaustion and helps you to be simultaneously mentally calm, yet alert. It aids in problem-solving, dissolves self-sabotage and is the ideal stone for the First Quarter Moon.
The Full Moon

Lapis Lazuli, the gemstone of royalty, works best at this phase as it helps to unify your spiritual, mental and emotional levels and confer wisdom. It's thought to bring success in all aspects of life and is appropriate for the Full Moon phase.
The Waning Moon

Onyx is the stone best suited to darkness, as is this moon phase. It's sometimes referred to as a "banishing stone" and can be helpful if you wish to release bad habits or negative thought patterns.

Tapping into the Lunar Cycle enables you to easily attract the happiness, wealth and good fortune you desire...

This release of your inner powers will be accompanied by a complete renewal in all the major areas of your life. Order your Precious Stones of the Sister Moon Medallion now.

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