Sacred Bracelet of the 7 Angels

$ 99.80

I will send you "Angel Invocation Cards" with an angel silk pillow so that you can rest or sleep with your angel pillow and think of your 3 Personal wishes that you want to see come true.

Here's how it works -- your beautiful Archangel Protection Pillow is made with a precious silk blend, with a secret pocket, as well as a picture of one of the angels on your cameo bracelet. It will require very intense concentration on your part for a magical phenomenon to occur. When you have meditated long enough and rested on your pillow, I will be able to connect with you and collect your wishes spiritually. Instantly, I'll write them down. Then I will ask Marla to transport herself spiritually to Rome for the "Holy Night of the Angel Enlightened" and she will perform the Secret Action, as I promised you earlier that she would.

There, at the foot of the statue of the Archangel Gabriel, she will come in spiritual communion with the Higher Forces of the Angelic World and she will intercede for you on your behalf and communicate your 3 wishes to come true by June 17th.

That means she will have been "heard" and an amazing stream of blue light will descend from heaven. The statue of the Archangel Gabriel will then light up like magic. Hence the name, the Angel Enlightened.

Bella, for your part, you will have nothing complicated to do.

First, carefully wear on your wrist the "Sacred Bracelet of the 7 Angels." If you cannot wear it, at least once a day recite the secret prayers that will accompany it. Secondly, you will have all of my Secret Instructions to activate the "Sacred Bracelet of the 7 Angels." You will simply have to follow it carefully. When you do so, everything will become easier for you. The simple things you need to do will be explained in the "Great Ritual of the 7 Angels."

It's obvious that neither Marla nor I can in no way make any decisions for you. It's YOU and YOU ALONE who must now accept this gesture of "Heaven" and say "YES" to your happiness...

With many new and prosperous life wishes, your psychic confidant,