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Secure Destiny Wheel

Secure Destiny Wheel

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Secure Destiny Wheel:

The three main precious materials used to craft this Sacred Object were carefully chosen for their esoteric powers.

Sterling Silver: Silver has long been known as the metal of emotions, the psychic mind, pure love and healing. It brings enhanced patience, perseverance, peace and longevity to its wearer. When used in conjunction with precious or powerful gemstones, silver amplifies the qualities emitted by these stones. Sterling Silver is the purest and most perfect form of silver, allowing the purest and most perfect expression of the metal's beneficial qualities.

Marcasite Gems: Valued by Ancient Incas, Greeks and Egyptians, Marcasite has a royal legacy dating back to Cleopatra, who adorned herself with the "fire stone." Sparking when struck with iron or flint, Marcasite is also known to "spark" inspiration and creativity, drawing out the best qualities of its wearer's mind and strengthening their connection to their intellectual chakras. Embedded in the Sterling Silver of this wheel, the orthorhombic Marcasite stones promise a clarity of purpose, logic and thought never before felt to the wearer.

Mother of Pearl: Forming the centerpiece of this Sacred Object is one of the only "organic" gems... Mother of Pearl, known to attract prosperity and heighten intuition, as well as offer soothing, maternal protection from negative energy. Love and luck are at the core of this gemstone and, amplified by its central placement in this Sacred Object, these aspects will follow its wearer wherever they go.

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