Special Study of the 8th of August

$ 29.95

The first essential thing to do to take advantage of this extraordinary power of the 8th of August and the 88 succeeding days is to wear the Precious Gold Diamond August 8th Talisman beginning on the 8th of August. I got mine from a friend who brought it back from one of his faraway trips. You must continue wearing it for the succeeding 88 days...

The aim of this precious Talisman is to attract the positive energy that flows from this day "above and beyond all others" and then redistribute this energy.

I can provide you with this "special" Talisman. I still have a few... But I must warn you, I'm afraid I may not have enough to satisfy everyone who wants one. I have one waiting for you. But don't waste any time; answer me immediately. Otherwise I have an obligation to give it to somebody else who needs the luck it brings. But I truly wish to give it to you!

The second and most important thing to do is to follow -- exactly -- the advice that I will give you, so that you can take full advantage of the happiness that have been given to you.

All the advice you will need is provided in a Special Ritual Study called:

This is the most unique ritual of its kind -- there is no other example of it in the world. It has "extraordinary" powers and will show you all you need to know so you can be sure that you can take full advantage of the chance that this special day has given you to change your life.

This is a truly Special ritual. You won't find it anywhere else. I'm the only one who has it, and believe me, the secrets that it contain will answer your wildest dreams!

There's only one catch — I can't do a thing for you without your agreement! I've been working very hard to put everything into place for you by 8/8/17. You only have a few days left! You are faced with most important decision of your existence.

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